An Integrated Platform combining
Natural Language Understanding and
Dialogue Manager
as the foundation of intelligent

Domain-Specific Conversational Interfaces


Our high-precision natural language understanding competence goes beyond currently deployed speech interfaces that simply pick up words or short phrases.

Natural language understanding (NLU) is a knowledge-based technology which can understand meanings of users’ free-form utterances by taking into consideration statistical and semantic information and combining the two in order to extract meaning.

A following duty is to execute a command. An ongoing interface carries it out according to a dialogue strategy programmed in advance. Thus, its “smart-sounding” responses are merely pre-generated voice syntheses played mechanically.

This type of interface has a critical weakness: It cannot process complex conversations in which not all information can be provided in one utterance. The software component that can handle these conversations is called dialogue manager.

A dialogue manager has two main responsibilities. One is to communicate the extracted meaning from the conversation to application-specific software components. The second is, during an interaction with a user in real-time, to take multiple factors into consideration in order to make decisions on how and what action to do.

Its intelligence enables an interface to take care of an application where specific functionality, knowledge and usability are required. An interface thereby can meaningfully and substantially reply, answer, make suggestions, ask questions, confirm, teach and give a warning, notice or reminder.



The ATOM Dialogue Engine is an original invention of ours and exclusively designed to be easily integrated with existing applications and other software components.

  1. Open to any speech recognizer and TTS that provides APIs
  2. Owing to powerful APIs, the dialogue engine can communicate with external software components of various applications- virtually any application.
  3. Works with most major OS, including Windows Vista, 7 and 8, Windows Phone, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, Windows CE and QNX.
  4. Infrastructure is flexible, open and scalable, making it easy to develop, extend, update and maintain.
  5. Can be deployed embedded or in the cloud


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