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Custom Development and Consultation

In addition to full development of a new speech interface, we also help to upgrade or renew your existing speech interface by adding a smart dialogue management capability.

Our service includes all the vital procedures in the areas of speech recognition and spoken natural language processing, from design, data collection, grammar development, tuning of recognition grammar and pronunciation dictionaries, and implementation to user studies and evaluation.

Thanks to the powerful APIs of the ATOM Dialogue Engine, it can communicate with third-party software components for applications, and supports virtually any application.

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See our White Paper.

White Paper

Each speech interface demands a perfectly fitting voice. Thus, exclusively built text-to-speech voice on demand will result in clearer, more natural and more personalized voices for your application. From recording to tuning, we can accommodate all procedures.

Custom-Made Voices

Rapid Prototyping

The robust, flexible and open infrastructure of the dialogue engine platform leads to uniquely optimized original programming and testing tools.

After a decade of experience and expertise, we are equipped to offer extraordinarily rapid development of a prototype.

We collaborate with research groups and universities.

We are also open to a partnership to apply to a federal contracting project.

Research and Development

Litigation Support

We are available as an expert witness for areas covering speech recognition, natural language processing and user interface design.

We also do prior art searches, and patent portfolio analysis, as well as technical consulting in these topics.


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