The spoken dialogue technology
is for applications that demand

specific functionality,
knowledge and usability,
regardless if they are embedded or in the cloud

Compelling Conversational Interface
for Cars

Automotive Movie

for Automotive Applications

Our development architecture called the ATOM Dialogue Engine is trustable and robust, yet also flexible and expandable. In response to popular demands, the ATOM Dialogue Engine has been expanded with a unique framework specially designed for automotive and in-car infotainment applications. The result is rapid, seamless and scalable development.

A user’s utterance will intuitively and effortlessly control all of a driver’s needs, including connected smartphone functionalities, navigation, POI search, destination entries and more—regardless if it is in the cloud, embedded or a combination of the two.

The most appropriate conversational strategies can be tailored for each application, resulting in a contextually aware, smart interface.

Real-like conversational interaction for
simulation training and serious games

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The game-based interactive technologies are now being embraced more than ever in diverse fields such as corporate training, medical and therapeutic services, defense and education.

With the growing importance of a more immersive virtual experience for effective learning and training, the demand for verbal communication is also growing rapidly.

Regardless of speech or text, our dialogue management technology provides the most natural, dynamic, engaging and highly interactive interface for a virtual practice. The dialogues and conversational strategy can be tailored specifically to each training’s needs.

for Simulation Training and Serious Games

Smart Speech Interface makes
Interactive Electronic Technical Manual

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for Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals

Technical manuals and instructive documents are now in electronic form in most fields, such as in medical, industrial, mechanical and field service applications.

Imagine these being verbally interactive. A user could ask ”What to do next?” and the document would answer “Can you see the blue light blink?”
Imagine that through a wireless headset, a service technician simply “tells” his device to enter data, the device shows instructions and access information, all without his eyes or hands being distracted from the equipment being serviced. Imagine you can access and enter data without having to take your hands or eyes away from the task you are executing.

Our spoken dialogue technology adds natural, smart and highly interactive speech communication capability to a technical document. The result is a truly hands-free and eyes-free interface to reduce user errors and servicing time.

For other applications,
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We can support mobile apps, robots, virtual agents, smart TV and smart home application, the Internet of Things, and other custom-made voice-enabled applications.

Contact us and let us know what you are interested in adding an intelligent, interactive speech interface to.

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